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Envision Decking for Contractors

Envision Decking for Contractors:
Reasons to Use It

Big Yeti Builders is a premier Envision Outdoor Living Products supplier in Utah. As seasoned experts in the decking industry, we specialize in providing top-quality Envision Decking solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of contractors in the state.

At Big Yeti Builders, we combine our deep knowledge of Envision products with our extensive experience in deck construction to offer unparalleled service and support.

Whether building a small residential deck or undertaking a large commercial project, our team is equipped to guide you through every step. We’ll ensure your projects succeed with today’s most durable, aesthetically pleasing, and innovative decking materials.

Choose Big Yeti Builders for your Envision Decking needs and experience the difference that professional expertise and dedicated support can make.

Photo of multi-level composite deck

Overview of Envision Composite Decking Products

Envision composite decking products are crafted from recycled materials, combining recycled wood fibers and plastics to create a durable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood decking.

  • Envision Distinction Collection: This collection features decking boards that replicate exotic hardwoods’ luxurious textures and color tones. With options like Rustic Walnut and Shaded Auburn, these boards include deep embossed textures and bold highlights for an authentic wood-like appearance. New for 2024 are colors like Nantucket Shore, Hampton Dunes, and Seaside Pier, which evoke coastal landscapes. Envision’s Cool Tread Technology ensures these surfaces stay cooler and safer by reducing heat, improving traction, and decreasing moisture absorption.
  • Envision Expression Collection: The Expression Collection boasts vibrant, solid colors such as Canyon Ridge and Harbor Grey, designed to mimic painted wood for creating bold, contemporary outdoor spaces. Utilizing compression molding technology and reinforced by the EverGrain Core, these boards are aesthetically pleasing, highly durable, and low-maintenance. The deep embossed textures and unique grain patterns enhance the natural wood appearance.
  • Envision Ridge Premium Collection: Offering an affordable solution without sacrificing the elegant look of natural wood, the Ridge Premium Collection features colors like Vintage Oak and Black Walnut. These boards have a lighter, fluted profile for easier installation and are made using compression molding technology. Resistant to common wear and tear, this collection is ideal for those seeking cost-effective, high-quality decking solutions.
  • Envision EverGrain Collection: The EverGrain Collection consists of uncapped composite decking boards that blend the appearance of natural wood with high performance. Available in colors like Cape Cod Grey and Redwood, these boards offer versatility in design and are backed by a 25-year residential warranty. Known for its outstanding performance in Consumer Reports tests, the EverGrain Collection is praised for its resistance to slipping, staining, and flexing.

Envision Decking Accessories

Envision offers an extensive collection of decking accessories designed to enhance their composite decking products and simplify the completion of outdoor living projects for contractors.

Photo of a composite deck with black metal railing.

  • Fasteners: Envision offers EverClip Hidden Fasteners designed to fit into grooves on the sides of Envision decking boards and Color Match Composite Deck Screws for use with square-edge Envision boards.
  • Deck Skirting: Envision skirting conceals the deck’s support structure, complementing its overall look. It is available in various colors to match Envision’s decking collections, facilitating a polished appearance.
  • Porch and Deck Railing Systems: Envision’s complete railing systems, which include posts, top rails, and balusters, are designed to perfectly coordinate with their decking colors and styles, enhancing the aesthetic and functional quality of the decks.
  • Porch Posts and Columns: Vinyl porch posts, columns, and post wraps provide essential structural support while maintaining the visual harmony of Envision decking projects.
  • Fencing: The range of vinyl options includes privacy pickets, pool fences, and scalloped pickets, allowing contractors to create cohesive and attractive outdoor living spaces adjacent to decks.
  • Pergolas: Vinyl pergola kits are available to construct stylish, shaded seating areas that integrate seamlessly with the decks, offering comfort and style.

The Envision Difference: Advanced Decking Technologies

Envision distinguishes itself in the composite decking market through its innovative use of proprietary technologies and high-quality materials, ensuring aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability.

Photo of a composite deck with metal railing.

Proprietary Compress Technology and Manufacturing Process

Envision’s Compress Technology involves a unique compression molding process that is different from the typical extrusion processes used by competitors. This technique applies intense heat and pressure to bond the high-density cap with the EverGrain Core, producing decking boards that are denser, stronger, and highly resistant to environmental damage like moisture, splitting, insects, rot, and splinters. This method also facilitates the creation of deep, non-repeating wood grain patterns on each board, offering a natural wood appearance without the repetitive patterns found in extruded decking.

Cool Tread Technology

Envision incorporates Cool Tread Technology across its decking lines to enhance the functionality of its products. This feature keeps the decking surfaces up to 25% cooler underfoot than standard composite products, significantly improving comfort and safety. It also enhances traction by 25% and reduces moisture absorption by 61%, further contributing to the durability and safety of the decking.

Aesthetic Variety and Eco-Friendly Design

Envision offers a diverse range of color options across various collections, such as Distinction, Expression, Ridge Premium, and EverGrain. Each option showcases exquisite blending and subtle variations, mimicking the intricate nuances of real wood and catering to various design preferences. Using recycled materials in the composite mix underscores Envision’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Durability and Low Maintenance

The decks are engineered to resist common damages such as staining, fading, and cracking. Thanks to the inherent properties of the materials used and the efficient manufacturing process, Envision decking requires minimal maintenance—only occasional cleaning with soap and water, with no need for sanding, staining, or sealing.

Warranties and Long-Term Reliability

Envision supports its products with robust warranties, offering a 25-year warranty against staining, fading, and structural defects for its capped composite decking. The uncapped EverGrain line also has a 25-year warranty, demonstrating confidence in its durability and performance.

Overall, Envision’s combination of advanced technology, durable materials, unique aesthetic options, and strong warranties makes it an exceptional choice for anyone seeking high-quality, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing composite decking.

Compression Technology vs Extrusion: A Deeper Dive

The compression molding process used to manufacture certain composite decking boards allows for the creation of highly realistic and deeply embossed wood grain textures, surpassing the capabilities of extruded composite decking. Here are the fundamental differences in texture between the two methods:

Compression Molded

  • Molding Process: The molten composite material is poured into a mold featuring a deeply embossed wood grain pattern.
  • Heat and Pressure: Extreme heat and pressure are applied, compressing the material to capture the intricate textures of the mold.
  • Texture Outcome: This method yields deep, varied, realistic wood grain patterns on each board.
  • Unique Patterns: Since each board is individually molded, no two boards have the same wood grain patterning, enhancing the natural wood-like appearance.


  • Extrusion Process: The composite material is continuously forced through a die, resulting in consistent shapes but less detailed texturing boards.
  • Texture Quality: The wood grain texture on extruded boards tends to be more artificial, repetitive, and shallow than those made by compression molding.
  • Pattern Limitation: Due to the nature of the extrusion process, the depth and realism of the embossed wood grain pattern are limited, and the texture lacks variation across different boards.

Installation and Support

Envision Decking’s products are designed with features that simplify installation for contractors, saving time and labor costs.

Ease of Installation

  • Wider Edges for Easier Screw Placement: Envision boards have wider edges compared to traditional composite decking, allowing for more straightforward and secure screw placement during installation.
  • No Need for Sorting Boards: Thanks to Envision’s unique compression molding process, each deck board features a one-of-a-kind, non-repeating wood grain pattern. This eliminates the need for contractors to sort and arrange boards during installation, streamlining the process.
  • Availability of Accessories: Envision offers a comprehensive range of coordinated accessories, including skirt boards, railing systems, and fasteners. These accessories are designed to seamlessly integrate with Envision decking, enabling contractors to create cohesive outdoor living spaces without the need to source components from multiple manufacturers.

Support and Resources

Envision Decking provides contractors with valuable support and resources throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Design Consultation and Project Planning Assistance: The team at Big Yeti Builders offers design consultation services, helping contractors plan and execute their Envision decking projects effectively.
  • Access to Installation Guides, Tips, and Tutorials: Contractors can access a wealth of installation guides, tips, and tutorials Envision provides, ensuring a smooth and successful installation process.
  • Warranty Information and Customer Service: Big Yeti Builders provides comprehensive information on Envision’s industry-leading warranties, including the 25-year warranty on capped composite decking against staining, fading, and structural defects. Additionally, their customer service team can address contractors’ questions or concerns.

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