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Envision Decking Overview

Envision Decking Overview:
Why Big Yeti Builders Likes It

Envision Outdoor Living Products is a leading composite decking brand that has transformed how homeowners enhance their outdoor living spaces. This brand is renowned for its dedication to innovation, durability, and aesthetic appeal, offering a diverse selection of decking solutions that meet a wide range of tastes and architectural needs.

The Envision Decking boards are not just beautiful, they are also built to last. Produced using state-of-the-art proprietary technologies and manufacturing processes, they can withstand severe weather conditions while preserving their structural integrity and visual appeal.

Their products provide superior resistance to moisture, warping, staining, and insect damage, making them a low-maintenance option that endures over time. This durability ensures that your investment in Envision decking is a long-term one. For these reasons and more, we recommend using Envision decking products for your custom deck.

Envision Composite Decking Products

Envision composite decking products are made with recycled materials — a combination of recycled wood fibers and plastics. This composite material is designed to provide a durable and long-lasting alternative to traditional wood decking while also being environmentally friendly by using recycled materials.

Aerial photo of a composite deck and railing to support Envision Decking.

Envision Distinction Collection

The Envision Distinction Collection offers decking boards designed to mimic exotic hardwoods’ luxurious textures and color tones. These deck boards feature bold highlights and deep embossed textures for an authentic wood-like appearance. Available colors such as Rustic Walnut, Shaded Auburn, Grey Wood, and Spiced Teak evoke the natural warmth of these woods.

Envision released three new colors in 2024:

  • Nantucket Shore: A warm grey tone reminiscent of a light mist on the shorefront. This color evokes the hazy, misty atmosphere of the Nantucket coastline.
  • Hampton Dunes: This beautiful blend of sandy tones is found on a morning beach stroll. It captures the warm, inviting hues of the dunes along the beaches of Hampton.
  • Seaside Pier: This greige color mimics the shades found in a perfectly weathered boardwalk. It replicates the weathered, grey wood tones of classic seaside piers.

Envision’s Cool Tread Technology enhances the collection by keeping surfaces up to 25% cooler underfoot, improving traction by 25%, and reducing moisture absorption by 61%, increasing safety and durability.

Each board’s unique design eliminates the need for sorting before installation, streamlining the process and ensuring a natural-looking finish. Backed by Envision’s comprehensive support tools and resources, the Distinction Collection offers aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, making it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking sophisticated, low-maintenance outdoor living spaces.

Envision Expression Collection

The Envision Expression Collection features vibrant, solid colors like Canyon Ridge, Caribou Brown, Harbor Grey, and Woodland Bark, designed to emulate painted wood and create bold, contemporary outdoor spaces. Each board boasts deep embossed textures and unique, non-repeating grain patterns for a natural wood appearance.

This collection features Envision’s Cool Tread Technology and its exclusive compression molding technology. Unlike other composite decking manufacturers, the boards are molded and compressed instead of extruded. Reinforced by the EverGrain Core, the boards are highly durable and low-maintenance, resistant to staining, splintering, cracking, insects, and rot. Backed by a 25-year residential warranty, the Expression Collection allows homeowners to achieve a modern aesthetic with the durability and low maintenance of composite decking.

Envision Ridge Premium Collection

The Envision Ridge Premium Collection blends affordability with the elegant look of natural wood, offering a budget-friendly option for those desiring the rich appearance of wood without the high costs associated with premium decking materials.

Colors in this collection are subtly blended to mimic the aesthetic of wood, enhancing its organic appearance. The featured colors are Vintage Oak, Gunstock, Black Walnut, Alpine Fog, and Sandstone. The boards feature a lighter, fluted profile board that reduces weight compared to other Envision lines and facilitates easier handling and installation.

This collection utilizes compression molding technology and features the EverGrain Core. The Ridge Premium Collection is built for durability, resisting staining, splintering, cracking, insects, and rot. The boards showcase deep, authentic grain patterns replicating real wood’s natural grain, offering visual appeal and practicality without sanding, staining, or sealing.

The fluted bottom edge of the boards provides more space for driving screws, simplifying and accelerating the installation process. Supported by Envision’s 25-year residential warranties, this collection is an ideal choice for homeowners seeking high-quality, low-maintenance decking that combines performance, value, and natural wood aesthetics.

Envision EverGrain Collection

The Envision EverGrain Collection features uncapped composite decking boards that combine natural wood appearance with high performance. Leveraging Envision’s proprietary EverGrain Core, these boards are durable and moisture-resistant. They are designed to resist staining, splintering, cracking, insects, and rot, making them a low-maintenance option for homeowners.

The boards display deep embossed wood grain patterns that mimic real wood. They are available in grooved and square edge profiles, offering versatile design options. Color choices like Weathered Wood, Cape Cod Grey, and Redwood enhance the natural wood-like look, ensuring each installation is unique.

Backed by a 25-year residential warranty, the EverGrain Collection provides the benefits of composite technology at a more affordable price than Envision’s capped collections. It ensures long-lasting beauty and design flexibility.

Consumer Reports: EverGrain Decking Highest-Rated Composite Decking

The Envision EverGrain Collection has excelled in Consumer Reports’ testing, achieving the highest rating for composite decking. It stands out for its exceptional resistance to slipping and staining, which is vital for durability and maintenance. The collection also demonstrates very good resistance to flexing, indicating robustness suitable for various uses.

Envision Porch and Deck Railing

Envision’s Fairway Railing Collection has been a preferred choice for deck and porch railings for over two decades, thanks to its exceptional blend of design flexibility, meticulous craftsmanship, and uncompromised safety standards.

With a vast array of materials, including aluminum, composite, steel, or vinyl PVC, paired with numerous infill options such as cable, horizontal or vertical balusters, and glass, you can effortlessly achieve the ideal look for your outdoor area.

Photo of a deck with deck railing and steps.

Aluminum Railing

Envision’s aluminum railing is highly durable and low maintenance, crafted to resist harsh weather conditions without rusting, splintering, or warping. Its lightweight yet strong construction facilitates easy installation. Available styles include:

  • A210 Series: Features an elegant two-piece top rail design that is perfect for in-rail lighting, available in textured colors and matte finishes with six infill options.
  • A310 Series: Offers a sleek, modern look with a single top rail, also available in a variety of colors and infill choices.

Composite Railing

This railing type combines the aesthetic appeal of real wood with superior durability. It remains stable and intact without twisting, rotting, or splintering, even under extreme weather conditions. The composite material maintains its quality and color over time without the need for refinishing. Its larger profile rails and post covers offer increased privacy, and it can be customized with modern infill options for a tailored appearance.

Vinyl/PVC Railing

Vinyl/PVC railings from Envision provide a versatile, affordable, and lightweight option. These railings come in a range of styles, from classic to contemporary. Vinyl is particularly durable and low-maintenance, while cellular PVC features a matte finish that can be painted to fit any color scheme. Aluminum reinforcements within the rails add strength and reduce noise.

Steel Railing

As part of the broader Fairway Railing Collection, Envision also offers steel railing, which is noted for its exceptional strength and durability. This option is ideal for those requiring a robust railing solution.

Big Yeti Builders’ Connection to a Super Bowl Champion

According to List Wire, the Dallas Cowboys are Utah’s most popular NFL team. However, we hope you forgive us for favoring the Kansas City Chiefs. Why? It’s simple: Envision Outdoor Living Products is the Official Composite Decking and Railing Partner of the reigning Super Bowl Champions. Another reason is that Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s nickname is Big Yeti. You have to love that.

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